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2012 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show:This is me

This Is Me examines dyslexia and the wider effect it can have on an individual. Many people think of dyslexia as a condition that affects reading and writing; however, it can affect more than that, including eyesight, balance, organisation and speech.

'This is me' my 2012 entryFilled with hundreds of stone pieces, a stream that runs through the garden illustrates the many ideas dyslexic people have. An enclosed seating area in the garden depicts the isolation dyslexics often feel, while the poem on the back hedge illustrates the difficulties with spelling. The multi-stemmed trees in the garden represent the multiple routes open to dyslexics in their lives.

2010 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show: Why do painters paint plants...

Based on the idea of “why do painters paint plants” half of the garden was planted while the other half of the garden was painted. An easel in the middle of the garden had a replica of the garden but in reverse. The planting was of a contrasting style with dark leaved and stemmed plants with brighter yellow and red flowers creating a stunning look with a huge impact.

Hamton Court