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Gardening is my passion

Kames Callicott

Hi, My name is James Callicott and I am a keen young gardener aged 17.

In 2010 I exhibited my first garden at Hampton court palace flower show, called ‘An Artists garden’. The design explored the relationship between art and gardening and was subsequently awarded a Silver Gilt.

I am currently working on this year’s design, called 'This is Me'. The garden explores dyslexia, and how it can affect your day to day life, outside of the common perception of maths and english.

I continue to volunteer at Hughenden Manor, a national trust garden, one day a week, where I am gaining pre- apprenticeship knowledge.

Additionally,I work for Amersham Town Council two days a week, joining with the existing team looking after the public area of Amersham as well as Amersham in Bloom.